TPL - Massage Brush

€ 22,50

Special technology

Each brush tooth is inserted into the cushion using a special technology that prevents it from collapsing into the cushion and remains stable in place when combing the fur.


High quality

The brush teeth are extra long, each of them gently separates the tangled hair and does not break it.



The ends of the teeth are machined in such a way that they do not damage the pet's skin during grooming, and in case of contact with the pet they are gently massaged.



The special anti-static coating prevents the hair from building up electric charge, which makes combing the coat even easier and leaves it smooth and shiny.


Lightweight and comfortable

The Tauro Pro Line brush is lightweight and comfortable to grip, so you won't strain your wrist while brushing your pet.



  • Dimensions: 22.5x6.5x1 cm.
  • Tooth size – 22 mm.
  • Colour: dark wood.
  • Cushion colour: black.22