TPL Classic Slicker Brush

€ 14,50

The classic Tauro Pro Line brush with metal rim is a high quality coat care tool for your pet.


For perfect coat care

It will not only brush your pet's coat, but also fluff it out and easily remove dead shedding hairs.



The special anti-static coating prevents the hair from building up electric charge, which makes combing the coat even easier and leaves it smooth and shiny.


Soft cushion

This brush pad is soft and elastic and gently adapts to the curves of the animal's body without irritating the skin.


Lightweight and comfortable

The Tauro Pro Line brush is lightweight and comfortable to grip, so you won't strain your wrist while brushing your pet.



Formaten : 


S -> 4,5 cm x 6 cm 

M -> 4, 5 x 9 cm 

L -> 5,5 x 11,5 cm