Pure Nature - Ultra Sensitive Coat Shampoo

€ 22,50

For dogs and cats with sensitive skin, Tauro Pro Line Pure Nature Ultra Sensitive Shampoo gently cleanses the coat, protects it from protein loss and moisturises weak, damaged and procedure-affected coats.

Gentle formula of 7 natural and essential oils allows to use this shampoo on a daily basis and can help keep the coat healthy, shiny and strong.

  • Coconut oil reduces protein loss and keeps hair healthy
  • Saffron oil reduces hair breakage and revitalises damaged hair while stimulating hair regrowth.
  • Helichrysum oil cleanses the scalp, strengthens the hair and stimulates hair follicles.
  • Bergamot stimulates hair growth, facilitates wound healing and reduces inflammation.
  • Geranium oil regulates dryness, excess sebum and sebum production to improve hair growth.
  • Calendula oil effectively treats and conditions the scalp, strengthens the hair.
  • Lavender essential oil improves blood circulation in the hair follicles, encouraging hair to grow thicker.



Tested by professionals:


  • Safe formulation – free of silicones, parabens and SLS.
  • Developed by breeders – reliable, high-end products.

Usage: dilute the shampoo with lukewarm water 1:10, wet the coat and spread the product. Massage for about 3 minutes and rinse well with lukewarm water.

Recommended: For pets with sensitive skin.



WARNINGS: For external use only. Protect from children.


Made in the European Union.H