Healthy Coat - detangling Leave- In Conditioner

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Completely safe for even the most sensitive of your pet's skin and hair, Tauro Pro Line Healthy Coat Detangling no-wash conditioner is gentle and effective. Your pet's skin and coat will instantly become smooth and easy to brush.



For easier combing of the coat


The conditioner quickly removes the coat tangles, making combing easy and fast. Ready-to-use, its rinse-free formula helps to eliminate knots, tangles and static build-up while retaining and restoring moisture, leaving the coat smooth and shiny.



With anti-static properties


Reduces static electricity by neutralising the electrical charge on the hair surface.



Smooth and well-groomed coat


Thanks to vitamins, minerals and nourishing properties, your pet's coat will be softer and shinier.



Gentle but effective formula


This conditioner is a gentle and effective formula for your pets' sensitive skin and coat. Free from silicones, parabens and SLS.



Convenient packaging


Convenient packaging with dispenser for precise application.



Use : Shake the bottle well before use, spray on a washed and dried coat or on dry coat. Comb or brush the coat. No rinsing required.


Recommended: The product is designed to moisturise your pet's coat, promote its regeneration. For dogs and cats. Its ultra-gentle formula makes it ideal for pets with sensitive skin.



WARNINGS: For external use only. Protect from children.




Made in the European Union.