Superior Care - Rabbit Ears with White Fish

€ 4,00

„Nature‘s Protection Superior Care“ treats are high-end, natural, exclusive flavors, different kinds of delicacies designed to meet the needs of various pets. These treatsdo not contain artificial dyes, antioxidants and flavor enhancers. When gnawing the rabbit's ears, dogs brush their teeth, reduce plaque and massage the gums.

Natural taste and smell.

The composition of treats contains only natural, useful ingredients for the animal's body. Perfect for pampering a pet.

Suitable for white dogs.

Due to carefully selected protein sources, a suitable composition of tears is maintained, this can help to remove brown tear spots around the eyes, muzzle and paws.

Good composition

Contains 50.8% of fish and 38% rabbit ears. Skaner ancestas have hypoallergenic properties. Low-fat fish.

Convenient packaging

Comfortable, easy-to-open packaging, a lock to protect the treats from moisture.


  • For adult dogs.
  • Contains 50.8% of fish and 38% rabbit ears.
  • Quantity : 75 g.4