Paw Balm - Nourishes & Restores

€ 32,00

This product of natural composition protects the feet of animals from shedding salts and dirt in winter and from hot asphalt surfaces in summer. The balm has antibacterial, moisturizing, and skin-sensitive properties.

Protection at all times of the year

Tauro Pro Line Pure Protecting  Paw balm provides protection for feet all year round – protects against harmful environmental factors (hot asphalt, sand, salts), moisturizes, provides a protective barrier for the skin.


With hemp oil and aloe vera butter – moisturizes and restores

A special formula with hemp oil and aloe vera butter soothes and restores damaged skin, moisturizes it, protects it.


Has antibacterial effect

The composition of the balm includes essential oils of lavender and thyme, which have antibacterial and sedative properties.


Natural composition

Contains 90 % natural ingredients. In addition, does not contain parabens, sulfates, silicones, and added dyes.


Suitable for sensitive pets

Due to its extremely gentle composition, it is suitable for use even for sensitive pets.


Easy to use

Using a balm is very simple: with gentle circular movements, massage the balm into the pet's feet or the surface of the nose. For best results, use a balm before going outside or after a walk. Use periodically under adverse conditions: ice, snow, salt, or extremely hot surfaces. In case of dry skin, apply the balm 2 to 3 times a day. In order for the balm to absorb, try to distract the pet's attention for a few minutes - give a treat.


Warning information: for external use only. Keep away from direct sunlight. Make sure that the package is properly closed after use. Protect from children.


Made in the EU.