Microzeogen with Calcium

€ 15,00

This dietary supplement is composed of volcanic clinoptilolite (MicroZeoGen) and calcium carbonate. Combined into one, these substances become a high-quality natural dietary supplement that can help ensure the better health of your pet.


  • Made of all-natural materials produced by nature itself. 
  • As MicroZeoGen, or clinoptilolite of volcanic origin, is one of its principal ingredients, it can be beneficial in cases of acidosis (increased acidity of the stomach) and can be used to prevent diarrhoea, eliminate toxins that have accumulated in the body and thus improve the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. 
  • The supplement also contains calcium, which is a critical component in the healthy growth of strong bones and teeth, making the product essential during the developmental stage of your pet's teeth. 
  • If your pet is growing too quickly (typically, only a concern for large breeds) – the supplement can help ensure the healthy development of the skeletal system. 
  • Calcium is also essential for maintaining healthy nervous function and is an important component in the blood because it ensures coagulation. 
  • Suitable for adult dogs and cats on a preventive basis – as a supplement for the animal's natural calcium resources. Also for highly active, sporting and ageing animals – as a supplement for maintaining bone condition – as well as for pregnant and lactating cats and dogs.