Tauro Pro Line Comb, 48 Black

€ 16,50

Combs for dogs and cats are made of stainless steel. The strong teeth are treated with a special technology, so the comb slips easily into the pet's fur, gently combs, nourishes the hair and massages the skin. After combing the fur, it becomes soft and beautiful. Suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats.


  • With stainless steel teeth treated with special technology, so the comb easily slips on the fur.
  • Extremely comfortable and light.
  • Facilitates combing.
  • Helps to remove curly hair, dirt, maintain the shine of the coat.
  • Suitable for professionally preparing dog and cat fur for shows and for daily use at home.
  • Massages the skin and stimulates hair follicles.
  • With 48 rare teeth.
  • Dimensions: comb length - about 21 cm, tooth length - about 3 cm.