Tauro Pro Line Splash Proof Water Bowl

€ 21,00

Tauro Pro Line Water Bowl is a stylish and modern bowl with floating saucer, designed to take into account the needs of the animal and its comfort.


Clean "beard" and dry pet coat

A specially made bowl plate rises and descends as the water level in the bowl changes. This way, you can be sure that when a pet drinks water, he will only touch it with its tongue and don't wet the muzzle. This is especially important for light coat animals, because water moisture their coat around the mouth and it begins to brown and gets darker.


Helps prevent skin diseases

Wet pet muzzle can also cause skin diseases such as eczema. Since the pet will not wet the muzzle, it can help prevent these effects.


High capacity and always fresh water

The bowl holds up to 1 liter of  water,  so you will be sure that the pet will always have water. In addition, due to the special design, the water in the bowl does not splash, and on hot summer days it does not evaporate and remains fresh.


No dust, no hair or dirt in the water!

The floating bowl adjust the water level in it, so this protects the water from dust, hair and other dirt. For this reason, your pet will never run out of fresh and clean water.


Non-spilled and non-splashing water – clean home

Due to the sealed and watertight protective wall and floating saucer, the water in the bowl does not splash or spill, so the floor will always be dry and clean. Due to these features, the bowl is also very convenient to use during trips – car seats or floors will remain dry.


Slower drinking water

A floating bowl plate gives animal the opportunity to drink water more slowly and in small quantities, so the water does not splash so much, and the animal is protected from additional ailments when drinking too quickly or too much.


Special design and high quality materials

The bowl  is curved, for this reason it adapts better to the structure of the pet's muzzle. Water varnishing from this bowl corresponds to the natural style of lactation of the pet. In addition, the bowl is made of the highest quality ABS materials, making it extremely durable.


Easy maintenance

The bowl can be easily disassembled, washed and drained, so you will spend only a few minutes cleaning it.




  • Size: 225 x 185 x 78 mm.
  • Weight: 0.6 kg.
  • Composition: ABS, PP.
  • Capacity: 1.5 l.
  • Color: gray.