Nature's Protection - Intestinal Care Snack with White Fish & Rice

€ 3,50

Nature's Protection Superior Care White Dogs is a premium feed supplement with insects and rice, expertly crafted to support a healthy digestive system in adult dogs with white coats.


In addition to replenishing essential nutrients, the ingredients work synergistically to ensure smooth digestion, providing utmost comfort for your furry friend.



A source of carbohydrates

Rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates, which makes the treat even more filling and nutritious.



With white fish

The primary source of high-quality protein in our feed is white fish, which also has anti-allergenic properties.  In addition to addressing digestive problems, this food has the added benefit of helping to prevent tear stains. This is achieved through the inclusion of carefully selected protein sources that help maintain the proper composition of tears, which in turn helps to eliminate brown tear stains around the eyes, muzzle, and paws.



The natural mineral clinoptilolite, a dynamically micronized clinoptilolite, strengthens the immune system and bolsters the body's protective functions.​



Enjoy the convenience of our packaging, designed for easy access with 150 g of delectable and nutritious treats, perfectly suited for your beloved pet.


These premium quality food supplements have been specially formulated to support the healthy digestive system of adult white-coated dogs of all breeds.


NATURE'S PROTECTION Superior Care represents our commitment to maintaining excellent oral hygiene. It is a premium range of treats, combining innovative ingredients and the latest trends and technologies in pet nutrition. Our treats contain only the finest sources of protein and other innovative ingredients.


Made in the European Union.