NP - Canned Food Turkey / Apples

€ 4,00

Nature's Protection canned dog is a Super Premium wet feed designed to meet the different needs of young and adult dogs. The main source of protein in canned food is high-quality, natural meat used in human foodproduction.



Does not contain preservatives, bone meal, soy and grain impurities, flavour and flavour enhancers, and mechanically separated meat is not used. Canned food is a favorite due to its taste and smell.


Contains a lot of meat

The main source of protein is quality turkey. Eddale has a particularly high meat content (66 %), but animal fats are used in moderation in the production of canned food. Seasoned with rice.


Well digested

The food is well digested, seasoned with natural apples. Contains minerals.


For adult dogs

The food is balanced for adult dogs of small breeds.


Convenient packaging

The amount of dog food in one can (200 g) is suitable for feeding the pet once, so canned food is convenient to consume both at homeand on the go.



Contains 66% meat.

Balanced for adult dogs of small breeds.4